AMS of Ho-163/Ho-166m at DREAMS facility (HZDR)

Development of AMS at DREAMS for experimental determination of the ratio 163Ho/166mHo in ECHo samples. The long-lived 166mHo is an unwanted by-product of the 163Ho production, which is reduced to ultra-low levels (10-9) after sophisticated mass separation. For a background-free measurement of the 163Ho spectrum in the ECHo metallic magnetic calorimeters the absence of 166mHo is critical. DREAMS website

ECHo team measuring at DREAMS
From left to right: Felix Wiescher (JGU Mainz), Oliver Forstner (FSU Jena & HI Jena), Christoph Düllmann (GSI Darmstadt, JGU Mainz, HI Mainz), Holger Dorrer (JGU Mainz), Klaus Wendt (JGU Mainz), Silke Merchel & Georg Rugel (HZDR, HI Freiberg) and Tom Kieck (JGU Mainz).
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